Trails & Tails Pet Care LLC. services the Catonsville, Ellicott City, Oella, Arbutus and Halethorpe areas. 



Cat Sitting

I will come by 1 or 2 times a day to visit your kitty/kitties.


Service includes: Cleaning litterbox, feeding, giving fresh water, playing and giving lots of love. I will also bring in mail/paper and water plants if needed. 


I am able to administer insulin shots and give pills. 


Everyone's kitty needs are different, so rates are subject to change on a case by case)

15 min cat visit ............................. $15.00

30 min cat visit ..............................$20.00

We do not offer Cat Boarding....  Sorry!


Dog Walking:

15 min potty break.....................$15.00

Quick potty breaks are great for puppies and/or seniors who just have a little more trouble holding it.

30 min dog walks.......................  $20.00
45 min dog walks ........................$25.00
60 min dog walks.......................  $30.00


Dog Runs:

40 min dog run.............................$25.00

Includes-30 min neighborhood run, 10- min cool down, refresh water, treats, and belly rubs.


60 min dog run.............................$30.00

Includes- 45 min neighborhood run, 15 min cool-down/playtime, refresh water, treats, and belly rubs


Runs are weather/temperature permitting. I personally run in many weather conditions, but I will not run with your dogs in extreme cold or hot weather conditions, as hypothermia and hyperthermia in dogs is a very serious condition and I would never put your animals in harms way!  This also includes: not running in hard rains or any life-threatening weather conditions. Your run will be substituted with a walk and/or playtime. 







Potty Breaks,
Daily Dog Walking, & Doggie Runs

Giving your pup(s) a chance to get outside to get some fresh air & exercise during your long work days. Daily exercise for your dog(s) is an important part of each dogs daily happiness!


Each visit includes: Lots of lovin', healthy treats,

refreshed water, and playtime! 



Doggie Hikes

"Nature is our Playground"

Trails & Tails is a great way to give your active dog the chance to run/play in the woods and to change up their normal routine. A great way for your pups to experience the "pack-life." We will explore different trails in the area like Patapsco State Park and the Trolley Trail. This program is designed for beginners & experienced trail dogs. We will discuss what experience is best for your dog(s). This is offered after the sun comes up and before the sun goes down. 



1.5-2 hour trail & tails run/hike............$45.00 

(includes pick up/drop off, & a thorough tick check)


Please let me know if you are interested in pack trail hikes or single dog hikes. 



Overnights "IN YOUR HOME".........$60.00/day


One of my trusted staff will come stay in your

home with your pet(s) for the scheduled time that you are away. This option is great for those dog(s) that are a one-dog show or you have multiple pets (dogs, cats, fish) that its just easier if someone comes to stay and keep them all on routine and in the comforts of their own home. 


If you are inquring about overnights, please provide the dates needed, the time of day you would need someone on that first day and the time you will be returning on the last visit day.


Overnights "CAMP TRAILS &TAILS"...$50/day


We like to spoil your pups with the comfort of our home and they totally get that "camp-like" enviroment with lots of walks, hikes, outdoor movies, and more!  


This option is great for pup(s) that are already housebroken, potty trained, and well socialized with dogs & cats. We have 2 dogs & 2 cats that your dog(s) MUST get along with in order to stay at camp. 


If you are interested in Camp Trails & Tails: please email with dates needed, name(s) & breed of dog(s), temperment/energy levels, socialization level with dogs & cats, and any other helpful information about your dog(s).









Customized visits available..............lets chat!



"Customized to keep your pet(s) on their normal daily routine"


I recommend a minimum of 3 visits a day for multi-visit overnights. Length of visits can be mixed and matched depending on the needs of each pet(s). 


Please note if you have 2+ animals the prices/times are subject to change on a case by case. In order to give your pet the quality of care that Trails & Tails Pet Care provides, I may suggest a longer time-frame. We have to have enough time to properly give your pets the excercise needed, feed, give attention, etc. 

Dog Sitting

"Vacations should be relaxing & stress-free for your pet(s) too!"

Pet Photography

Sessions start at $150.00 

Please check out my pet photography page. 


Additional Info:


Trails & Tails Pet Care LLC. services the Catonsville, Ellicott City, Oella, Arbutus and Halethorpe areas. 


-All services are quoted for a 5 mile radius from our Headquarters. If you are outside of this radius, an additional $5.00+  to prices listed above will be added for gas compensation. 


-Each pet visit/walk includes lots of love, healthy treats, refreshed water, and playtime! 


-I am happy to feed or give basic medications and insulin shots, upon request. 


-All rates are for 1-2 dogs, add $3 for a third, $5 for a fourth


-All services are for Monday-Friday, weekend requests are an additional $2 to prices listed.


-Night visits are an additional $5 (after 7pm) 


-Holiday rates are billed at time and a half for the following:


New Year's Eve (Starts at 5pm) | New Year’s Day | MLK | President's Day | Easter | Memorial Day | 4th of July | Labor Day | Veterans Day | Thanksgiving Day |Christmas Eve (Starts at 5pm) | Christmas Day| 


Holiday priority is given to existing clients, please book in advance.


-Payment is due at the time of service, cash & checks accepted. Paypal, Visa & Mastercard accepted with a small fee.


-If there is something that I have not covered in my services that you need, please let me know and I will be happy discuss your needs for your pets. 


- Please check the FAQ's page for common questions. 



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