"Ruff It" Pet First Aid-Safety Bandana

"Ruff It" Pet First Aid-Safety Bandana

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Keep your pet safe & visible with the Ruff It safety hankie! Pet first aid tips for your animals to refer to in times of need. It's versatile and stylish enough that even us humans can wear it!  

This product was designed by the Owner/Operator of Trails and Tails Pet Care- Erin Travis
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    This bandana is a helpful tool if you are in a pinch or out hiking with your pets and need immediate first aid attention. Having these tips handy may just save your pets life!

    T&TPC highly encourages taking a Pet Safety First Aid class to learn hands on, how to properly give first aid to your pets.

    We chose two highly visible colors to print on for a reason:

    Wearing Blaze orange during hiking seasons is advised for humans and your dogs.

    Yellow is great for low light visibility and you can also use it as part of raising awareness for the Yellow Dog Project by having your pup wear it or tied around the leash. Is your dog a yellow dog?

    The yellow dog project is an awareness project for dogs who need space for different reasons. Respecting their space until they are able to be properly trained. www.yellowdogproject.com