Happy Pets! 

Testimonials from T&TPC clients 


I have known Erin Travis for five years.  Myself and many of my friends know her as an absolute dog lover.  Erin has a way of connecting with all of the dogs she meets and we all trust her with our pets.  Erin has watched my black lab Dixie since I got her three years ago.  Dixie absolutely loves Erin and loves the hikes they take through the local parks in the Baltimore-Metro area.  I always know that Dixie is in the best hands when she is with Erin.  I wouldn't trust Dixie with anyone else.  I highly recommend Erin's dog walking services.    - Becca  Fritcher 

Chunk & Bluto

"Erin has been awesome with our two mastiffs.  Given their size, they can be a little overwhelming at times, but she is great with them.  Whenever we need to go out of town, she is our first choice to care for them (and our house).  It is also nice that when we come home, they are in better shape than we left them in because of how much she walks them!  We continue to use her when we leave town, as well as recommend her to our friends!" - Katie & Mike Windlan  

Casper & Maya

We have 2 dogs who LOVE Erin. One is a "special needs" pup with several medical challenges, and the other is a hyper puppy. Erin has helped us care for them on several occasions and is diligent in providing them with their medication, wearing them out on walks, and giving them lots of TLC. Erin has a true love for animals- on multiple occasions she has taken in stray dogs and gets them to a vet and finds homes for them.


Erin, thank you for keeping our dogs happy and healthy. They are our children and our babies and we only feel comfortable leaving them in trusting hands. 

  - Lindie & Kate



I have known Erin for over 7 years and calling her an animal lover is to put it mildly :)  I rescued Ollie about a year and a half ago, and Erin has been there for me every step of the way.  Whether it has been for new "mom" advice, watching Ollie for the occasional night/weekend away or just to crash her frequent hiking adventures with her dogs, Sweets and Barley, Erin has come through every time.  Erin is always the first person I think of when it comes to watching Ollie, and I know he is in good hands.  Ollie and I highly recommend Erin's animal services!  -Roula Adams


I have known Erin for almost 5 years and cannot think of anyone else I would rather have look after Ollie. Erin’s dog, Sweets introduced Ollie to trail-running, and thanks to Erin’s control of the dogs, and Sweet’s pack-leader/herder mentality, Ollie does great out on trail (no previous experience!) I trust Erin implicitly and know that when Ollie is with her, he is getting more doggy loving, attention, and exercise than he would anywhere else. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone looking to get their dog the exercise and affection they deserve during the day when you’re not around! Best part is…you come home and they’re beat and happy to just relax with you! - Kelly Kolker


The first thing I would like everyone to know, is that Erin is truly an ANGEL for animals. As most of you know, loving your  animals as you do, it can be so stressful having to leave them if you want to get away on vacation and can't take them. My husband and I go away at  least once a year, where we can't take Skipper. When I first got him, I swore I was going to be able to take him to a kennel for boarding, that didn't seem to work. He came home stressed, I tried it twice and said never again! The next year I tried having my family watch him at their house. It was fine, but he still came home stressed. Two years ago here I was AGAIN stressed about what I was going to do? I had run into Erin many times on my walks in Catonsville with our dogs, she was religious just like me about walking them day and night, rain or shine. When I realized where she lived I was delighted! One of my favorite houses a street over. I kept praying to God to help me with this situation. He sure did, one morning I just decided to walk up to her house and ask if she did dog sitting. I just knew she would be PERFECT! Skipper spent his first week with Erin and her family, and every time we spoke during the week it was filled with such reassurance. She emailed me pictures of hikes they were on, etc. I was soooo happy and really enjoyed my vacation! When we came to pick him up he was so himself…not stressed at all!!!!!  Since then Skipper has been to visit a few other times for one reason or another and he never skips a beat when I take him or pick him up. My husband and I are soooo GRATEFUL for Erin and all the ways she takes care of our precious little love!!!!   She is a very smart, generous and kind human being…I would trust her with all I have….YOU WILL LOVE HER!!!!!  Skipper sure does and animals KNOW!!!! 

-Laurel Koziol  


Erin has cared for our two dogs, Roxy and Sophie, since they were puppies.  She has taken them on adventurous hikes, walks, and to the dog park.  We know they are always in good hands when they are with her.  Erin has a genuine love for animals that shows when she is with them and Roxy and Sophie share that same affection for her.  We would recommend Erin to anyone who wants his/her pet treated as if she were her own.  – Elena & Karen