What information should I provide when emailing about new pet care?

In your email please include the following information:  

-Type of pet care you are seeking: (cat sitting, daily dog walks, overnight 

 pet sitting and whether its for "In your home care, In my home care (refer to question #9 for 

 requirements below), or vacation-mulitple visits a day" 

-The names, breeds (we don't breed discriminate, we are just curious), and number of pets needing care

- Days of the week and time-frame of the day needed for walks

- Vacation dates

-Any other special information I need to know ahead of time about your pet(s). 



What areas do you service?

Catonsville, Ellicott City, Oella, Halethorpe, and Arbutus within a 5 mile radius to T&TPC headquarters

Yes, there are extra fees for being outside of our service area, for weekends, and holidays!

 Please refer to additional services on our services page for information. Thank you!  




Why pay for professional pet care?


I care for each animal as if they were my own. Animals are my kids and my life. Every new client becomes a new part of my family.  I'm dependabe and you will know at the end of each day that your pets have received the best care possible.  A journal will be provided with the times that my staff or I visit. We will leave you notes with the daily activities, along with any other information we feel should be expressed about the visit(s). If for any reason anything seems out of the ordinary or your pet is ill, you will be contacted immediately.


What are your Qualifications?

I am certified by PetTech in pet saver/pet cpr & first aid

I am CPR & First Aid certified by American Red Cross for humans as well

I am an avid hiker & backpacker with years of life experience. 

I am trained in giving basic medications and insulin shots 


Are you Bonded & Insured?

Yes, through Pet Sitters International, they are the largest governing organization in the pet care industry.


Camp Trails & Tails Requirements: (overnights in my home)

Dog requirements: I am not a boarding facility. Your dog(s) will be guests in the comforts of my home and will get spoiled rotten, just like my dogs do. They must get along with my two dogs and two cats. So, if they are cat chasers, it will not work out for them to stay in my home and we will have to come up with an alternative option for care, (don't worry, I have two other options).  Also, it will not work out if they are 24/7 wanting to play with other dogs, nudging, jumping, and biting to play, because my dogs just arn't those kind of dogs.  Mine are high energy, who love to run/hike out in the woods and play in the backyard, but they also have their zen-mode switch and know that inside the house, we are calm.  


If you think this is the perfect type of service you are looking for and are positive your pet fits the requirements, then we will set up a meet and greet for the fur kids and see if its a perfect fit.




What is the best way to inquire about services and what is the process?


- Since I'm out in the field most of the time, Emailing me to start, with as much information as possible, about your pet care needs, is always very helpful. Then, I am able to respond to your requests in the early morning, late night and random hours of the day, since those are my  office hours.


- I am always happy to take your calls and discuss your needs as well, it just might take me a little longer to respond, due to my busy schedule.  Just please leave a detailed message with pet care needs, call back number, and email address, I will return your call as soon as possible and at an appropriate hour. 


- Next steps: 

  I will confirm if I am able to help out with your pet care needs. 

  Email you the New Client paperwork to fill out with pet(s) information

  Set up a meet & greet meeting date, collect filled out paperwork, and pick up keys. 

  Lastly, the best part... becoming part of the Trails and Tails Pet Care Family!  


Who are Mason, Milk, & Tully ?

I get this question alot actually. Pretty funny! I talk about taking Sweetwater and Barley on hikes and adventures, but who is this mysterious Mason, Milk, & Tully?  Mason is our handsome green-eyed black kitty. Yup, I'm a cat person too!  Rescued him from the Howard County SPCA. Went in looking to adopt a doggie companion for Sweets, but ended up adopting a kitty instead. He was in his cage jumping all around going nuts playing all by himself. It was awesome!  I stuck my finger in his cage to get his attention and he looked up at me with his big green eyes and at that moment,  I knew I had to have him. I swear they pick you! He is by far the coolest & sweetest cat! 


Milk, is Mr. Cool cat #2 and has been taken under Mason's paw to show him the ropes. He's fit in quite nicely with our family, bringing in new energy and alot of laughter. He's got quite the big personality! He was another one who picked me with his big bright sweet eyes!  I first met Milk from a fostering new client. I knew literally the moment I met him, that we needed this itty bitty guy. Boy was he itty bitty! (He has quite an amazing rescue story) But anyway...about a week or so after our first meeting and my short amount of pet care time with him, I was able to start the adoption process with the Feline Rescue Association. The rest is history! 


Tully, is our very unplanned 3rd kitty added to our family. Tully was found under a local Catonsville families shed, when she was maybe a few days old. Her eyes weren't even opened yet and she weighed 3 ounces!! They reached out to me for help, I took her in, bottle fed her and raised her with the help and advice of a wonderful newborn kitty expert who works with the Feline Rescue association. She was a huge help with advice and feeding me with material on how to raise a newborn kitten. The original plan was to only foster her, but I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and I think the feeling was mutual, but we grew quite attached to each other! The rest of our pack grew quite fond of her too!!! Yup... and the adventure continues!